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Hello, we are the Folk group of Capriva "Michele Grion".
It's over seventy years now that we propose our traditions,
our dances and our folk songs.
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This brief presentation written by our founder Michele Grion, was included in a commemorative volume of the 50 years of our group's activity. Now, after over twenty years, the message of the president of then, after which the group has been named, is still valid and up to date. We think it's nice to remember him and his activity in the folk traditions using this brief writing to introduce our group's Internet site.
It wants to be a homage to all that somehow and sometime have collaborated for improving and promoting our community.
It wants to be a message for everybody that appreciates our brotherhood and love the cultural patrimony of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and, most of all, for the young so that they can work to make it more efficient, known and diffused throughout a serious and deep study of traditions, uses and works of our forefathers.
Only in this way, loving and practising folklore, we will improve civil living because folklore means meeting of different people and populations in true and brotherly friendship and solidarity, which the whole world extremely needs.

Michele Grion
Our social hymn

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