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Where we come from

Our group comes from Capriva of Friuli, a small village of about 1500 inhabitants in the Province of Gorizia a few kilometres away from the border of Slovenia and therefore not many also from Austria. As our social hymn says,
Poiade tal plan
tal miéz des culìnis
il mar poc lontàn
lis monzs tant vizinis

you just have to stop in the village’s nearby to understand the beautiful position of this small Centre seated in the far east of the Friulan plain, surrounded by a landscape of green hills, the Hills of Gorizia, on which vineyards boast antique origins, and not far from the Adriatic sea and from the Alps of Carnia and Giulia. The last houses of Capriva loose themselves amongst the fields towards south and the blooming vineyards on the hills towards north. Apart the main centre, there are the fractions of Spessa, Budignacco, Russiz Superiore e Russiz Inferiore, that for their characteristics of small houses of few owners, have conserved the building appearance of once. Right in these areas there are the touristic landscape attractions of major interest: the hills here are particularly suggestive both for their blooming vegetation that for the presence of villas and castles (Spessa, Russiz Inferiore e Superiore) that well fit in the landscape that has nothing to envy from others more known and appreciated. At the top of the hills you can observe a landscape to which nature seems to have given life in a moment of particular creativity, and that man has completed well with love making everywhere feel its presence of centuries, without breaking this magical equilibrium.

Next to these natural beauties, Capriva shows to the visitors some interesting historic and religious buildings like the Parish church dedicated to the "Name of Mary", the small and cute church of the Holy Trinity, called "Saint Joseph" by the inhabitants , with the high altar of the Trinity a very valuable work of the sevenhundreds. Also, outside the village, towards north, there is the austere castle of Spessa.

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